Tektos Soil Quality Sensor




The Tektos SoilQuality Bluetooth Sensor is a battery powered (AAA Alkaline 1.5V, not included) sensing probe that measures:

  • soil moisture and soil electrical conductivity (EC).

SoilQuality Chart Screenshot

The sensor connects via Bluetooth to the iBebot Growers app (Android and Apple).

Keeping an eye on soil E.C. is important, as too many dissolved salts inside a soil will lead to cultivation problems (injured plants, reduced yields, and even changes in soil structure). There are 3 different types of soil E.C. measurment, and soil E.C. sensors measure bulk E.C. ( THIS ARTICLE is very informative )

Correct watering is also important – overwatering can easily lead to root-rot and nutrient lock-out and too little water will negatively impact growth rate.

The Tektos SoilQuality Bluetooth Sensor measures these two parameters as below:

* E.C. Sensor Range: 0 – 10mS/cm, resolution 0.001mS/cm

* Moisture Sensor Range: 0% – 70% Absolute Volume Ratio (AVR), resolution 0.1%

(Read more on the SoilQuality F.A.Q. Page)




The sensor’s protective cap needs to be CAREFULLY removed before inserting it into your soil or substrate, take care not to accidentally break the sensor!

SoilQuality Cap Removal

After the cap has been removed, the sensor tip can be inserted into a SOFT soil or substrate. IF THE MEDIUM IS HARD, USE A SCREWDRIVER TO MAKE A HOLE IN THE MEDIUM BEFORE INSERTING THE SENSOR. The hole can then be filled back in with the loose medium.

Insert the sensor UPRIGHT (vertically) to make sure that water / rain will not get into the battery cap by accident.

Sensor Dimensions: 22cm x 2cm x 2cm & Net Weight: 35g